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Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hope you are having a great 2012~ how is it possible that it is already February!! We had a very busy holiday season and January as well. Christmas was so nice with just the 4 of us at home. Dad had lots of clients in town so he still had to work a little but we got some great quality time together before the Kubiks, Granats and Mimi and Pa came up to visit. It was so fun spending time with my cousins and I am really just beginning to grasp the concept of 'presents'... I am sure that the best part is opening them, whatever is inside is just icing on the cake! Here are some highlights: Izzy with Aunt Kate and her baby belly, Izzy and Henry, Ryder with one of his favorite new books, Izzy chilling in her swing in one of Ryder's shirts after a major blowout, Ryder pushing his new Linkin Log Truck!

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